Abhilash Sawant, MS

Credentials: PhD Student - Cellular and Molecular Biology Program

Email: asawant@wisc.edu

Abhilash Sawant

Abhilash did an Integrated BS-MS in biological science from IISER, Pune and carried out his MS thesis in Dr. Yukiko Goda’s lab at RIKEN BSI. He is currently part of the physiology training program at UW-Madison.

  • Favorite retinal cell: Bipolar
  • Thoughts about the retina: “Retina, which faces sun-filled days and moonless nights, is one of the finest artwork of evolution that enthralls me, as if the contrasting external environment is represented by its vast number of neuronal types, complexity of synapses, and network connectivity.”
  • Hobbies: Hiking, driving, cooking, badminton, chess.